I've finally decided to carve my back in TVXQ's name...

These past few years (about 6 years) I've thought long and hard about getting a tattoo to be carved onto my back. I've decided that it's now time to have them; I'm going with a cherry blossom design occupying from corner to corner diagonally on my back. I'm going to have the words "TVXQ" running from the corner of my right shoulder down and then I hope to incorporate the words "Shiawase iro no Hana" within the cherry blossom tree itself in the shape of a W :D.

Even if my parents totally oppose to the idea of me having a tattoo on my back, but I feel like I need to have it done for the sake of remembering them. They'll definitely act as a reminder as to why I call myself a cassiopeia for such a long time. And I wish to stay a cassiopeia forever.
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Jaffa Fudge Slices

Harrowww peoples who read my journal :D. I haven't been in here for such a LONG time. Haven't written any entries that's worth writing for. BUT, last week I was craving for some really sweet, sinful chocolate slices, they're so good that it's almost gone now. So on Sunday, I made myself a batch of Jaffa flavoured chocolate fudge slices. And I'm pretty much gonna share it here :D.

200 grams of plain chocolate biscuits (you can use tim - tams)
125 grams of walnuts (chop 'em roughly)
60 grams of icing sugar (remember to sift before putting it into a pan or a pot)
125 grams of butter
1 teaspoon of orange rind (N.B: I love using fresh navel orange, 1 is enough. You can slice 'em up for after dinner and eat 'em xD)
300 grams of dark chocolate (blocks or pieces... it's up to you which one you use)

1. Line 18 x 28cm shallow tin with non- stick baking paper (make sure the paper hang on 2 sides for easy lifting :D)
2. Crush the 200 grams of biscuits and chopped walnuts in a food processor as fine as you can (You don't want the dry mixture to be too coarse, but you don't want it to be super fine too. So check the grains as you go :D). Transfer to a large bowl (plastic mixing bowl is fine cause there's no heating involve) and make a well in the centre.
3. Put chopped chocolate, icing sugar and butter in a small pan and stir over low heat until melted and smooth. Remove from heat, stir in the orange rind, then pour into the biscuit mixture (use roughly half, the rest will be used for step 4) and stir to combine.
4 Press the mixture firmly into the tin. Chill for 10 minutes. Spread the rest of the melted chocolate over the slice. Chill for another half hour.to set before cutting.

After half hour, set the jaffa block on a cutting board, cut the edges off and then cut into squares :D. Transfer to a big plate and put it in the fridge (not the freezer, there's a difference) to avoid melting :D. Sorry no pictures :D. hahahahaha

ENJOY~~! wedspawn I know you like the photo I send you on facebook, now you get to try it out at home on your own hehehehe.

Going on holiday in 2 weeks yayyyy~~~!

Lately, it's been busy and I haven't been out of Sydney for 3 years straight. No China trip, no home trip... no nothing. So in 2 weeks I'll be on holiday for a month starting on the 15th of May to the 15th of June :D. YAYYYYYYYY~~~!

Trip plan:
Sydney > Jakarta > Ujung Pandang(my home town) <--- staying for a week here til my trip to Japan :D.

I'll be going to Japan for a week from the 2nd of June to the 8th of June. Then going to Jakarta :D staying for a few days then coming back to Sydney :D. hehehe
Can't wait to get away from Sydney~~~!
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Another 5 weeks til Christmas :D

Another 5 weeks til Christmas and work's been busy >_<. Another staff of ours got fired due to multiple complaints about her customer service skills and tact. A little sad that we're one down, but I guess that's how it goes around the hairdressing industry, no guarantee that you'll only stay at one place for a long period of time.

Who's in Bangkok right now??? SM Town is having a concert day, how fortunate for the Thai fans, but not so for the fans in the southern hemisphere especially Australia T_T. I hope TVXQ's Catch Me world tour comes to Sydney again, cause I miss them lots :D.
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Random updates... What I've been up to lately~~!

I'm just being random at the moment by posting up this random updates post :D. Lately I've been quite busy and so this journal's been pushed to the side yet again. Tamara my boss was pregnant and had her caesarean section just recently about 3 weeks ago; she's blessed with another baby girl named Ruby Lee :D, how cute is the name :3. Apparently, she'll be coming in on Friday to show Ruby around, too bad I won't be working that day >< DAMN!!

On other news, I've been listening to artists other than BoA and TVXQ at the moment :D, and that's Mika Nakashima. Some of my favourite songs from her would be: Yuki no Hana, Hitoiro and Sakura Mau Koro :D. I seriously should've listened to her a LONGGG time ago :D. hahaha.

I've been watching 2 Japanese movies called Runway Beat and We Can't Change the World ~But we want to build a school in Cambodia~. Runway Beat is all about fashion and the other movie is based on a true story of an ordinary person having an extraordinary dream of changing the future of a small village's children by building a community school :D. Very touching.
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Catch me Catch me if you wanna~~!

I am currently listening to Catch Me Album by my beloved TVXQ (even if this name currently belongs to only 2 people). It's definitely an album which holds up the dignity of TVXQ as a group and as kings of KPop :D. And I am proud to be a Cassiopeia since 2005.

So let's do a little review of each track :D.

Catch Me - The song opens with synthesized piano... which I LOVE!!!!<3 It's a dance track of course :D A lot of dubsteps sounds in it. The lines that I love is when Yun Ho says: This fool can’t even tell me not to go hahahaha. The dance choreography to this song is really awesome, I myself haven't seen the MV (what a bad cassie). But the preview of this song on ITunes prompted me to buy this album straight away.

Insaeng eun Bichnanda (Viva)- This track in my opinion is the reggae track of this whole album :D. My second favourite after Catch Me. Even if the song has that really reggae vibe, behind all the melody there's a really sad reality of the lyrics reflecting TVXQ's effort to become the kings of KPop of the new generation after H.O.T and Shin Hwa. This song talks about their growth through scandals and rumours throughout their early days.

Destiny - An R&B track :DDDD. I like the instrumental arrangement :D. Reminded me of Before U Go, however with a totally different touch. First stanza described a girl to which the gentleman fell for before their official meeting.

Binu Cheorom (Like Soap) - Opens up to drum, bass and acoustic guitar. It gives you a light feeling, but then this song talks about a guy who compared himself to a block of soap. Talks about his heart hurting because the girl doen't see his love. I LIKE IT :DDD.

I Don't Know - I think we all know of this track's name :333. I literally sing the Japanese version as soon as I heard this version xD hehehehehe. The same music arrangements but different language for the lyrics xD. I find this song really fits with the whole melody, the lyrics doesn't sound awkward at all.

Kkum (Dream) - This song starts off really bubbly despite the sad lyrics. It talks about a guy who could only admire the love of his life from a far. And he could only dream about her in his sleep, because he's afraid of the change of personality in reality. As the song suggest by the title, the guy lives in a dream.

How Are You - A story about memories, of the great times the two people shared during their time together. I think this song is very suitable for an OST XDDD. A very sweet song and I love the strings playing in it too :D.

Getaway - A rock piece, this is more suited for Chang Min solo xDD. I don't really like it, but I hope to love it as time goes by :D.

I Swear - A sweet ballad, the lyrics are written by Chang Min :D. I think with this song we can see that Chang Min is extending himself into lyrics compositions, which I think is really great :D. A song of appreciative love from the boys to their world wide throngs of fans especially Cassiopeia and BigEast. This song is a veryyyy meaning full song :D.

Gorgeous - This song in my opinion is more suited for Jun Su xD since it does have the same vibe as tarantallegra. It still have the rock sound to it, but it's mostly electronic. But I still kinda like it :D.

Good Night - A song similar to Destiny, a slow R&B song :D. Will definitely put most listeners to sleep if put on low volume.

Overall a very satisfying album, it shows the growth that TVXQ as a duo has gone through since the 2009 break up. Equal amounts of ballads/ slow rhythm songs as well as upbeat more SMP-ish songs. I hope they continue to grow and also I hope that all the fans will have a listen to this LONGGG awaited album :D.
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Geisha's Juice, New Shanghai

And so I went to N2 by myself today after school. I got myself a cup of Geisha's juice :D; You might be wondering what that's made of. It's the reason why conventional ice cream lose to N2. Geisha's Juice is made of Green Tea with black pepper sprinkled on top. I reckon though they should totally mix the black pepper into the ice cream mixture so that you get an overall taste of pepper infused into the sorbet.

I was about to try Rosemary's baby (rosemary & honey), but they sold out T_T. Afterwards, I rushed back home and met up with my sisters for dinner at New Shanghai :D. Just got back, and I'm listening to XIA's Uncommitted single.

Jun Su's English has definitely improved, at least I don't hear gibberish on most lines xD. His English speaking ability is soooo precious. I would have to say the English lyrics to Tarantallegra sounds really funny, kind of grammatically incorrect for most parts. And the whole Kwenggari (what ever this is) gives discrepancies to the whole song. Cause it's just out of place in the whole instrument arrangements.
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2nd Year Apprentice allready...

Two weeks ago on the 9th of September, I became a second year apprentice at my workplace. Even though it doesn't feel like I am a second year allready, but I think I'm happy. When I first started hair dressing I thought that it was really hard; I thought of giving up half way through. If it wasn't for my Singaporean friends; if it weren't for my parents who supported me through my hell, I wouldn't have come this far.

If I didn't come to Stylz I don't know where I'll be right now.
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Back to Photoshop

And so I am back to making icons on photoshop :D. Ahhh how exciting is it? I bought it online on the adobe shop for an insane amount, but I am loving it. Somehow I need to get used to new ways of cropping, putting on gradients and an overall getting used to new things.

New work is coming out nicely,I am literally in love with Photoshop Creative Suite 6. I hope I can share some of my work soon :D.
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My dear LORD I haven't posted here in the last 4 years >

So hello everybody whoever still reads me journal huhuhuhu. Nothing so great's been happening as of late, just work at the salon and TAFE.I am sick again for the nth time, and I hate it. But then again I'm a little lazy to go to the doctors. Today's my day off but I'm not doing anything at all.

Lately though I've come across an ice cream shop named N2 Extreme Gelato. They change their ice cream flavours pretty much every week. I had 2 flavours so far out of their 10 flavours, which are: Pineapple cheesecake and Buttered popcorn. Real pineapple pieces and creamy cream; real popcorn and creamy cream for buttered popcorn YUMMMMMMMM!!!!!! I can't wait to try the other flavours as well.
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